is an organization designed to assist and encourage anonymity and encryption research, development, and use.  As part of this goal, we seek to revitalize the Cypherpunk movement and provide better software, security, and anonymity to individuals worldwide.

We Focus On


The lack of pervasive and secure Anonymous/Pseudonymous email is a major shortcoming of technologists. We aim to update the Mixmaster and Mixminion remailer systems in use, and develop a next-generation nymserver.

Architecture Review

Finding bugs in code is usually the last step in a good review. What's the threat model, how is the system architected, how is the crypto performed, where are the keys stored? After all that, we can start poking at the code...

We Support


We love and contribute to anonymizer projects such as Tor, I2P, GNUnet, and others. And we enjoy evaluating and testing new services that pop up.


We encourage the development of mobile applications for anonymity, encryption, and communication - both whole-phone solutions such as The Guardian Project and individual applications like those from Whisper Systems.


We use, contribute to, and audit tools like GNU Privacy Guard, dm-crypt, Tomb, and Truecrypt to provide secure storage encryption, and distributed and secure based systems like Tahoe-LAFS.


We think about and play with protocols such as Bitcoin and other decentralized, secure, digital currencies.


We use and hack on tools such as Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging that provide encrypted end-to-end chat.


SSL is the most widely used cryptographic protocol - but we'd like to make SRP, DNSSEC, DANE, HSTS, and others top contenders. We participate in the development, testing, and deployment of new cryptographic protocols.

Join In and Contribute is always looking for developers to give their time and individuals who can contribute servers - either directly or through cash donations.